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About Home Aquarium Supplies

A Home Aquarium Buyers Guide

Home aquarium supplies is a guide to buying the right aquarium supplies to set up your own tropical home aquarium. This site offers advice on selecting the various parts required to set up a living aquarium ecosystem. Since there is so much to know about the hobby and many people start out without knowing I decided a guide like this would be helpful to many people.

This personal project describes the importance of each of the essential parts of a home aquarium and offers advice for choosing out the one that will meet your needs the best. I have provided information on fish tanks, fish tank stands, aquarium hoods, aquarium lighting, filters, heaters and aquarium water conditioner. I have also included some practical advice on aquarium d├ęcor and tropical fish food.

By reading the information here you will be able to use it to guide you as you plan on what you should buy for your home aquarium. You will also be able to learn how to set up a new fish tank from the guide found on this website.

I am an owner of a tropical home aquarium and I didn't have a guide like this when I bought my first tank. The information in this site is based off my own personal experience and from what I have learned studying books and other internet resources. I hope the information here will prove to be valuable to you.

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