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Fish Tank Heaters & Aquarium Water Heaters

Choosing the Right Aquarium Water Heater for your Tropical Fish Tank

Most tropical fish are warm water fish and need a constant warm temperature in the aquarium for the fish to be healthy. Aquarium water heaters provide a way to maintain desired water temperatures to meet the needs of the fish. Fish tank heaters usually have a built in thermostat so that changes in water temperature can be detected and the heater can turn on or off as needed.

There are many different types and brands of aquarium heaters available to choose from. When choosing a heater, you should make sure you get one that is going to be big enough to adequately heat the water of your home aquarium. Get one with the right power rating to fit the size of the tank it will be heating. A good option is to use 2 slightly smaller heaters in the case that if one fails the other will be able to keep the water temperature acceptable till a replacement can be bought.

Smart Heaters

Smart HeatersSmart heaters offer optimal water temperature control by maintaining a set water temperature for your fish tank. They use a thermostat to monitor the water temperature and turn on when the water temperature drops below the desired level. They are available in various styles and sizes.

Undergravel Heaters

Undergravel HeatersUndergravel heaters go one step beyond smart heaters by offering evenly distributed heat throughout your fish tank. This prevents heat pockets in the aquarium water. They are also virtually invisible since they are installed under the aquarium substrate.

Aquarium Thermometers

Aquarium ThermometersDon't overlook an aquarium thermometer. Thermometers are the quickest way to see the temperature of your aquarium water and know when it is not in the optimal range for your fish. Should your heater happen to fail, you can know quickly and replace it without letting your fish get exposed to unsafe water temperatures for a long period of time.

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