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Tropical Aquarium Fish Tank Hoods & Lighting

Choosing out the Best Hoods & Lighting for Your Fish Tank

Some tanks, like aquarium kits, come with hoods and some don't. Tropical aquarium fish tank hoods provide cover for the tank to keep fish from jumping out and they also provide light. When choosing your fish tank lighting you need to consider what type of fish you will be keeping.

Incandescent lights can give off a lot of heat. These lights are not recommended for any fish that will be living near the surface of the water. Fluorescent lights produce less heat and are usually inexpensive they are ideal for even surface dwelling fish because of their low heat output. For tanks that will have live plants the better choice is the incandescent lights which can stimulate plant growth.

Fish Tank Hoods

Freshwater Fish Tank HoodsIf you plan on keeping any type of fish that jumps you will need to get a hood or some kind of cover for your tank. Hoods provide both the cover for the tank and the lighting fixture. They also tend to be less expensive when compared to other types of fixtures and fish tank covers.

Lights and Replacement Bulbs

Fish Tank Lights and Replacement BulbsLighting is critical to the survival of tropical fish so it important to choose good quality fish tank lights. Consider what type of fish you will be keeping and if you will have a planted tank or not before you choose your lights. Both fluorescent and incandescent lights are sold in different types and sizes. Find out what type of lights your aquarium inhabitants prefer before you by your lights.

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