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Tropical Aquarium Fish Tanks & Stands

Choosing the Perfect Fish Tank & Fish Tank Stand

The most important decision you will make regarding your home aquarium is what tank to get. Both bowfront fish tanks and standard tanks can look great in any home. The tank you decide on will also influence the decision on the stand to purchase. The size of the tank you purchase will determine the size, type and number of fish that you can keep.

If you already have an idea of what fish you would like to keep then you should base the choice of fish tank on the needs of the fish. The best plan is to get a tank that space and finance can accommodate. If you're running on a tight budget or live in a small apartment then the larger sized fish tanks might not be the best choice. When deciding on a tank you should keep in mind that larger tanks take longer to get dirty and are generally easier to keep clean.

Consider a Beautiful Bowfront Fish Tank

SeaClear Bowfront Aquarium Combo (15

Bowfront fish tanks take the retangular shape of a standard aquarium and add elegance with a curved front. The 36 gallon bowfront tank from SeaClear is an affordable option for one of these aquariums. They are built from acrylic which is much stronger than glass and are virtually leak and breakproof. This is an aquarium worth the investment!

Complete Aquarium Systems

Complete Aquarium SystemsComplete aquarium systems are exactly that, fish tanks with stands. These systems are well built, higher quality aquariums that often include a built in filtration system. When they do have a custom filtration system built in to them the system is always superior to any filter that can be bought separately for a fish tank. While complete aquarium systems are often more expensive than buying a tank and stand separately, they are always worth the extra money.

Aquarium Kits

Aquarium KitsAquarium kits are the budget wise option for first time aquarium owners. They come in standard sizes ranging from as small as 3 gallons to as large as 55 gallons. They come with all the parts needed to set up your aquarium and get it ready for fish to live in it. They do not come with a stand. While aquarium kits do come with a heater, filter, conditioner and even some food, the heater and filter they come with may not be the highest quality. But if you have a tight budget they are a good option.

Fish Tank Stands

Fish Tank StandsFinding a solid fish tank stand is just as important as buying the fish tank. Your stand will need to be built sturdy enough to hold the aquarium. Buying a stand that is built specifically for a fish tank is always a better choice than trying to use another piece of furniture in your house. Spend the extra money it costs to get a good stand for your tank. You will be happier knowing you got one that can support the weight of your tank and also looks good displaying it.

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