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Aquarium Fish Medications & Medicines

Keep Commom Aquarium Fish Medications, Medicines & Antibiotics On Hand

Even when taking the time to do maintenance, to properly care for fish and the aquarium they live in, situations still may arise where fish can get ill and need immediate attention. For this reason, it is important for aquarium owners to keep some general aquarium fish medications on hand. It is necessary to be able to move quickly if there is any sign of illness in order to save any fish that are affected and to stop the spread of the disease to others in the tank.

The more common illnesses in aquarium fish are usually caused by fungal infections, bacterial infections or parasites. There are general-purpose aquarium fish medications available at any fish store that will quickly and effectively combat such diseases. Early warning signs of illness in aquarium fish could include irregular movements, failure to eat, missing scales, spots, holes, wounds and color loss. Owners should pay attention to any behavior that is out of the ordinary in the fish. Should illness occur it is best to isolate the sick fish in a separate aquarium for treatment with the most appropriate medication.

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