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Information on Aquariums & Aquarium Fish

Setting Up a New Aquarium

Setting up a new fish tank can seem like a daunting task. Keeping aquarium fish requires various peices of equipment to give them the proper living conditions. This guide on how to set up a new fish tank will give you the information you need to set your tank up and prepare it for your aquarium fish.

Cycling a New Aquarium

To get started with a first fish tank it is very important that proper steps are taken to make sure the new aquarium is ready for the fish that will be calling it their home. A new fish tank needs several weeks to build up the perfect living conditions for the fish to live in. This process is referred to as the nitrification cycle. This cycle is the process of building up the bacteria in the aquarium water that is needed to break down the waste products of the fish and make the tank into a safe living environment for aquarium fish.

To learn more about this process read over these articles about new tank syndrome and the nitrification cycle.

Hardy Freshwater Aquarium Fish

When choosing what fish to keep in an aquarium there is a couple things that should be taken into consideration first. These are the compatibility of the fish and the difficulty of keeping the fish. Some freshwater fish are much easier to care for because they can adapt to a wider range of water conditions. Some of these same fish are also good choices for a new aquarium because they are hardy fish.

Go to you local fish store and look over the selction of aquarium fish that they carry. Get an idea of some of the fish that you are interested in then look in books and online to find out what specifc needs they have. Read over my guide on choosing hardy tropical fish for tips on choosing good beginner fish.

Find more great websites with lots of information on keeping aquariumn fish in a home aquarium at GreenStalk.com Web Directory.

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