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In-Line Aquarium Heaters

In-Line Heaters Deliver Reliable & Consistant Heating

Maintaining a constant and steady temperature is the key to keeping aquarium fish healthy. Tropical fish can easily become stressed and get sick with sudden drops in the water temperature. It becomes important for aquarium owners to find research the different types of aquarium heaters and find one that will provide reliable and consistant heating. One such heater which delivers a constant and steady temperature is the in-line heater.

Aquarium in-line heaters are external heaters that attach to a hose which sends water into the aquarium. The hose is typically connected to a water pump in a sump filter or an external canister filter. By heating the water that travels through the tube into the tank, in-line heaters are able to deliver consistent heat throughout the entire aquarium. Since they are external they are easy to access when the temperature setting needs to be adjusted. The one drawback is that if your aquarium is not using a sump filter or canister filter, this type of heater is not going to be an option for you.

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