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Aquarium Powerheads

Powerheads Increase Undergravel Filter Efficiency

One of the most important facets of good aquarium maintenance is the cleaning function. There are three basic ways to keep water clean: power filters and canister filters which are outside the tank, or undergravel filters. The addition of aquarium powerheads make the undergravel filters more effective in trapping and removing waste and excess food. It is vital that these be removed in order to maintain water quality that is suitable.

Undergravel filters are very efficient, in part because they work where the waste is actually located. One of the few complaints about these filtration systems is that they are not always powerful enough to do the job efficiently. The addition of aquarium powerheads will normally eliminate this concern and leave the aquarium with a self contained, internal filtration system. It is vital that the system be properly installed and maintained, because an excessive amount of waste or food in the aquarium can cause a nitrogen or algae build-up that can cause problems or even death for the fish in the tank.

An Efficient and Affordable Powerhead

Marineland Maxi Jet Power Head Pump - Life Support: Maxi Jet 900 - (230 gph) A great option for improving the efficiency of an undergravel filter is the Maxi-Jet 900 PH Powerhead. This is a powerful yet affordable powerhead that is very popular with aquarium owners. The Maxi-Jet features a venturi aeration device and a silencer which allows for optimal gas exchange and aeration in the aquarium while producing little to no noise at all. The fully rotational output makes it a great option for creating internal water circulation and improving the water quality in a home aquarium. This powerhead is available in a smaller and larger size.

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