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Aquarium Substrate, Gravel & Sand

Decorate Your Tank with Substrate, Rocks and Aquarium Gravel

When you go to add substrate to your fish tank, you may prefer to go with aquarium gravel. Aquarium substrate is the material that is placed on the bottom of the tank. Although many believe this is just another type of decoration, nothing is further from the truth. The material you choose affects a number of things including filtration and water chemistry in addition to the well-being of your fish.

When choosing aquarium gravel, you have to watch for certain things so your fish are not harmed. Choose aquarium substrate that ranges in size from 1-2 mm all the way up to pea size. Ensure that this gravel has no sharp edges which can be dangerous to the animals. Gravel comes in many colors and can be dyed or naturally colored. Make sure it has a polymer seal so water chemistry is not affected. If you purchase gravel that is designed for aquariums, this will not be a problem. It is chemically inert. When you add aquarium gravel, not only will your tank look better, it will make the tank healthier for your fish too.

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