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Fish Tank & Aquarium Ornaments

Add Beauty with Fish Tank and Aquarium Ornaments

Some think aquarium ornaments are there for the sole purpose of providing aesthetic beauty of the tank itself. The fact is, artifical aquarium plants and decor provides the breeding grounds for your fish as well as hiding places. Live aquarium plants provide oxygen in the water in addition to breeding grounds. Aquarium decorations also help with the biological filter in the aquarium by providing surfaces for the nitrifying bacteria to grow.

For the aesthetic beauty, you can buy background film for the back wall of the aquarium and there are all sorts of different ornamets in a wide variety of styles and designs. Some prefer natural aquarium ornaments like logs, driftwood and caves. Others like ancient castle ruins, sunken ships, treasure chests and skulls. Aquarium fish like them all for the protection they can provide.

PETCO Large Tree Log Aquatic D‚cor (15
Large Tree Log Aquatic Decor (15" L X 7.5" W X 10.25" H)
PETCO Medium Rock Garden (Medium; 4
Medium Rock Garden (4" L X 6" W X 6" H)
Blue Ribbon Pet Products Resin Ornament - Log Cavern With Plants
Blue Ribbon Pet Products Resin Ornament - Log Cavern With Plants
PETCO Tree Log Aquatic D‚cor (Large; 11
Tree Log Aquatic Decor (Large; 11" W X 14" H; Green; Brown; Freshwater)
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