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Fish Tank & Aquarium Thermometers

Track Water Temperature with Aquarium and Fish Tank Thermometers

Tropical fish cannot maintain their own body temperatures and so aquarium thermometers and heaters are equally important to have inside of the tank. The ideal water temperature is around seventy-four degrees and the heater will automatically start when the water falls below that temperature. The light bulb in the lid will naturally increase the water temperature but not to the point where an aquarium heater would not be needed.

All of the things you put inside of the fish tank will have natural effects on the water temperature and the fish will be able to acclimate themselves to their surroundings accordingly. There is no such thing as 'room temperature' when it comes to the water in a fish tank and putting our finger into it to test it is not only not accurate but will decrease the oxygen levels of the water. Having aquarium thermometers will always display the correct temperature of the water taking away any need to put our hands into it.

Little Time or Temp Digital Clock/Thermometer

American Marine Pinpoint Wireless Thermometer (includes one sensor)
Zoo Med Digital Thermometer (1.5
Zoo Med Digital Thermometer (1.5" L X 2.25" W)

Lifegard Aquatics Big Digital Temperature Alert

Tom Aquatics Aquarium Temp Alert Fahrenheit
ATI Aquarium Thermometer (4
ATI Aquarium Thermometer (4" Length; Horizontal)

Marina Floating Thermometer w/Suction Cup

Marina Standing Thermometer

Marina Stainless Steel Thermometer

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