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Aquarium Water Testing & Test Kits

Monitor Water Condiontions With Ammonia, Nitrite & Nitrate Water Test Kits

There are many different chemicals and minerals that might be found in water that aquarium owners do not want their fish to be swimming in. That is why aquarium water test kits are very important. With a test kit the water can be tested so that the fish will be safe and healthy. Some of the things that a test kit will check for are ammonia, nitrite, hardness, nitrate and pH levels. A test kit will also check to see if the water is too hard or too soft.

Fresh water fish and salt water fish all need their water tested by using aquarium water test kits. The kits are easy to use, just a few drops of water is all that it takes. The proper pH balance is important for fish, and the kits will let owners know. The wrong pH balance could lead to disease or ruin a fish's coat. Improper levels can also lead to algae or other problems. A simple test will help to make sure that the water in the fish tank or aquarium is correct.

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