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Aquarium Undergravel Heaters

Undergravel Heaters Help Maintain Proper Aquarium Temperatures

There are many internal and external choices in aquarium heaters that can be researched and found online. Undergravel heaters are the best option for more even distribution of heat in an aquarium. More even distribution of heat makes a more suitable environment for tropical fish since they are used to certain conditions. When those conditions are not met, they can become ill or even die. That is why it is so important to have the right heater for an aquarium.

The size of an aquarium determines the size of the internal heater that needs to be used. These are the typical requirements for undergravel internal style heaters for aquariums.

  • 10-18 gallon - 25 watts
  • 16-35 gallon - 50 watts
  • 30-50 gallon - 75 watts
  • 40-65 gallon - 100 watts

These kind of heaters are perfect for tropical home aquariums and provide even distribution of heat as well as causing fewer heat pockets since they are installed under the gravel. Undergravel heaters are usually s-shaped to provide the necessary distribution of heat for an aquarium. They are easy to install, easy to read and easily adjusted when necessary. This type of aquarium heater is also the most cost effective for virtually any use.

HYDROKABLE Cable Heater 100W 32.8 ft 40/65 gal CE

HYDROSET Electronic Thermostat with Temp Dial CE

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