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Aquarium Water Conditioners & Chlorine Removers

Condition Your Aquarium Water with Conditioners like Stress Coat & Stress Zyme

If you are looking to own fish one important thing you should know is that the water that comes from your tap is hazardous to your fish. It contains minerals that can be harmful to the fish you wish to keep. To get the water suitable for raising fish, you should use aquarium water conditioners. Aquarium water conditioners help to reduce ammonia, chlorine and adjusts the waters acidity or pH.

There are many different products that you can buy for use as aquarium water conditioners. A product called Stress Coat helps to remove chlorine and neutralizes heavy metals naturally found in tap water. It also contains aloe vera to replace the natural slime on a fish's body. This slime can be disturbed when handled or netted and can decrease the fish's ability to stay healthy. A product called ammo lock also removes chlorine and chloramine but it also detoxifies ammonia in the water. Ammonia can be produced by plants, algae, fish waste and uneaten food that decomposes in the water.

Reduce Fish Stress with Stress Coat

Stress Coat + - 16 oz.

Reduces fish stress by 40% and effectively remove harmful chemicals from tap water at the same time, API Stress Coat is one of the most effective and widely popular aquarium water conditioners. Simply follow the instructions for use and the Stress Coat's healing Aloe Vera will heal aquarium fish while removing the harmful chlorine, chloramines and ammonia from tap water.

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